Dream Song


Digital Score

Instrumentation: SATB, unaccompanied

Duration: 4:30

Date of Completion: Spring 2017

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About the work​

Ethereal and atmospheric, this highly-accessible high school piece makes use of dream-like textures to produce an unforgettable musical experience.


Just before leaving the high school where I taught, I had a dream. Standing along a light-filled terrace, my students were singing an enchanting melody to one another. When I woke, I transcribed this “dream song” and gave it to these very same students to sing. They instantly took to it. I finished the piece that night, and we rehearsed it once together before recording it the following day.

From a dream to the stage, these young scholars brought this song of healing to life: inspiring its creation and performing it with conviction. Thank you, Greene Central High School, for an amazing four years.