So Much to Seek


Digital Score

Instrumentation: SATB divisi, piano, & strings

Duration: 5:00

Date of Completion: Summer 2018

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The Ocean Between Us
  1. The Prow (SATB divisi & piano)
  2. There Is No Sea (SATB divisi, piano, strings, & crystal glasses)
  3. So Much to Seek (SATB divisi, piano, & strings)
About the work

Pulsating with driving rhythms and soaring melodies, So Much to Seek relishes in the beauty of life, its infinite expanse, and that we should make use of our limited time to live life to the fullest. In a poem written for his mother, Jon artfully states in a brilliant thesis: “with only three score and ten, we should explore while we can.”

Dedicated to and commissioned by Jonathan Talberg and the Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir.

In loving memory of Timothy “Tiger” Hazzard.

Premiered by the CSULB Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir, October 2018 at Los Altos United Methodist Church, Long Beach, CA.



So much to see and to seek
So much to sing and to dance
So much to gather and reap
So much to sow and to row
With only three score and ten
We should explore while we can
Seven seas. Seven stars. Seven continents.

From Ocean Poems. Text by Jonathan Talberg.

Practice Tracks

Practice tracks for The Ocean Between Us can be found here.



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